Diamond Takes Shape at Trenton Stables

Diamond Takes Shape at Trenton Stables

Trenton Stables Construction

As work on Trenton Stables continues, exterior facing has begun, as seen in the above photo (click on the picture for detail). The first floor's Black Diamond bricks are being installed, revealing the sleek, modern yet organic look of these luxury townhomes in the heart of fashionable Fishtown.

Trenton Stables is in the news — again!

Influential Philly real estate blog Naked Philly wrote last week about the construction progress. It seems word is getting out about how special our townhomes are, seeing as they make use of an unusual flatiron-shaped lot where Trenton Avenue and Blair Street come together. With half the units already sold, "we suspect it won't be long until all the homes are spoken for," Naked Philly writes. He also points out that residents will have a great view of a historic brownstone across the square.  

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