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Roof Top Decks are the Next Biggest Amenity for 2017

Roof decks are the height of urban-living outdoor luxury. Every new homeowner wants a roof deck, and AGA is happy to supply a beautiful view of Center City Philadelphia!

According to Market Watch, a roof top deck addition can return double-digit profits in some home markets. So when it came to improving your home’s value in 2016, homeowners (and property managers) followed the newest trend and started adding urban roof top decks. 

Since 2006, South Philly has seen an increase of roof top decks in home projects' original plans. There are over 3,000 new roof decks in Graduate Hospital and Point Breeze neighborhoods. And other sections of Philly are following this trend. Builders are finding great success in attracting buyers and beating the competition by offering thoughtfully designed and integrated roof top decks in new home projects.

AGA Developers has implemented roof tops decks on past projects, most notably Trenton Stables in Fishtown. Due to the close urban living, backyards and gardens are often sacrificed for private parking and driveways. As such, we have continued to include roof top decks into the many amenities of our newest project in South Kensington, South Square.


Our roof decks add are unique to the townhouses we construct. With the roof deck, you will have many more opportunities to host social gatherings in a brand new luxurious townhouse. Plus, the views of Philadelphia from our roof top decks can not be beat!

The South Square rooftop decks have excellent sealing and better integration into the design of the house so you never have to worry about leaks or precipitation build-up. And they are the perfect alternative to usable outdoor space in high-density urban areas. Besides, the unblocked view of the city skyline is worth seeing.

Along with having a roof deck, South Square Townhouses also includes 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, gated driveway with two off street parking spaces, a gourmet kitchen and many more!