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Local Media Turns Its Gaze on South Square, Kensington and Fishtown

AGA’s South Square development is earning a lot of attention as buzz about the emerging South Kensington real estate market moves from "best kept secret" to "next great neighborhood" mode in local Philadelphia media.

Curbed Philly’s Melissa Romero, in a March 2nd article, says South Square, with 17 townhomes and two triplexes, is an important development in the “burgeoning neighborhood” of South Kensington.

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South Kensington's Building Boom Fuels Urban Revival

Last week, the Inquirer’s Alan Heavens upped the ante with a big feature on the building boom in the lower northeast—Kensington and Fishtown. A lower cost of living, convenient location, ample public transit and thriving arts and restaurant scene make these neighborhoods “Philadelphia's poster boy for revitalization of a formerly working-class neighborhood,” the article points out.

Heavens quotes AGA’s Sean Killeen on the booming real estate market and mentions South Square and Trenton Stables as great examples of the kind of residential and commercial development transforming these neighborhoods. 

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